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Scott by Anne-Marie Zanetti

About the artist

Anne-Marie Zanetti is a Brisbane based artist whose realistic paintings are eye catching, rhythmical and full of intricate details. She began painting in her early 40’s, and is inspired by personal experience and emphasising emotions. Anne-Marie aims to illuminate the preciousness of objects and moments that may otherwise seem insignificant or ordinary, and to invite viewers to a meditative place by invoking a sense of intimacy and wonder. She has won numerous awards and has been selected as a finalist in many Art Prizes, most notably the Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2018. Her paintings have been included in many group exhibitions and Art Fairs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Miami and San Diego. In painting this portrait, Zanetti sought to understand Scott’s standing in the commercial world. She had three sittings, during which Scott shared insights into his multi-faceted life and even toured the recently unveiled Fortitude Music Hall. Anne-Marie chose to portray Scott surrounded by some of his beloved music memorabilia (and other quirky souvenirs) as a tribute to his deep passion for the music industry. The tightly cropped composition as well as his leaning forward, relaxed posture helped create a sense of intimacy, perhaps even openness, inviting conversation or at least interaction. Scott’s distracted stare is really the only clue to his astute and rapidly processing mind, struggling to stay present and always searching for the next exciting opportunity or experience.

The artist is represented by The Sugarman Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Lethbridge Gallery.

About the sitter

Scott Hutchinson’s surname has been plastered over buildings all over Brisbane for generations. He is the fourth generation owner of Hutchinson Builders, which was established in 1912 in Brisbane

TitleScottA Portrait OfScott HutchinsonAuthorAnne-Marie ZanettiYear2019MediumOil on linenDimensions65cm x 100cmShare

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