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Sandro Colarelli by Lileana Colarelli

About the artist

Lileana Colarelli is a Brisbane artist who finished high school last year and is now studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Law at UNSW. Her fine arts studies are supported by the university’s Art and Design Undergraduate Scholarship. Lileana has received numerous awards for achievements in the creative arts and her work has been exhibited both in local art competitions and as part of Queensland’s Metropolitan Creative Generation Art Exhibition in 2018. With a passion for the arts, especially visual portraiture, she looks forward to contributing to Brisbane’s cultural life into the future.

The artist represents themselves. 

About the sitter

Sandro Colarelli is an award-winning Australian actor, singer and contemporary performance maker. He has dedicated his career to enriching Brisbane’s cultural life by sharing stories through live performance. The role of an Artist, in his opinion, is to ‘provoke, to suggest an alternate view, and (to borrow from Shakespeare), hold a mirror up to nature.’

His perspective on the intertwining nature of art and life, his passionate advocacy for culture and ongoing encouragement to never shy away from exploring new ideas has constantly inspired me, not only as an Artist but also as my Father.

TitleSandro ColarelliA Portrait OfSandro ColarelliAuthorLileana ColarelliYear2019MediumOil on canvasDimensions54cm x 64cmShare

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