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About the artist

Marisa Veerman is a Brisbane based mixed media artist. Her work is recognised for its ethereal, emotive quality and her technique is unusual, fusing opaque, flowing, photographic images with embroidery and painterly wax. With sensitivity to her subject evident, Veerman’s purpose is to make visible the abstract human emotion as the viewer is invited to draw upon a closeness between the work and themselves. She effectively uses space and colour to give her works a quiet stillness. Veerman has exhibited her work across galleries in Australia and has recently been awarded the prize for ‘Best Mixed Media’ artwork at the Rotary Art Spectacular in Brisbane.

The artist is represented by Lethbridge Gallery.

About the sitter

Pamela Easton is one of Brisbane’s best known and most successful fashion designers. For nearly 30 years, she was a part of the iconic Brisbane label, Easton Pearson, which became one of Australia’s most well known and loved brands. Recently, Easton Pearson’s entire 3300 piece archive was bought by Dr Paul Eliadis and gifted to the Museum of Brisbane.

Pamela Easton is known for her eye for design and her commitment to sustainable fashion. Now working under her own label, she also has a love for the process and the craft of designing and creating. She started out working in Brisbane as a fashion buyer, before moving to Melbourne to work for Sportsgirl and David Lawrence. After teaming up with Lydia Pearson, their business grew to be an international success story, having over 100 stores in 24 countries.