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About the 2024 Prize

2024 Entries open on December 6, 2023 and close at 6pm on May 22, 2024.

06.12.23 >> Entries Open
18.02.24 >> Artists Launch + Judge Announcement
22.05.24 >> Entries Close
21.06.24 >> Finalists Notified
20.07.24 >> Finalists Announced
02.08.24 >> Opening Night + Winners Announced
03.08.24 >> Finalists Exhibition open to the public
10.11.24 >> Finalists Exhibition Closes

  • For the main competition:
    • A non-refundable $65 entry fee (inc GST) per entry must be paid at the time of entry.
    • Payment must be made online via credit card. 

  • For the Next Gen competition:
    • A non-refundable $25 entry fee (inc GST) per entry must be paid at the time of entry.
    • For individual entries, payment must be made online via credit card. 
    • For group entries, you may elect to pay via invoice.

Who can enter?

Anyone with a connection to Brisbane can enter the prize – as long as their sitter also has a connection to Brisbane.

The artist and sitter do not have to live in Brisbane but a social, educational or professional connection is required.

The connection must be explained in the online entry form. Examples include:

  • The artist or sitter grew up in Brisbane.
  • The artist or sitter used to have holidays in Brisbane.
  • The artist or sitter visits Brisbane regularly.
  • The artist exhibits with a Brisbane Gallery.

Please note, these examples are illustrative only.

Board members and judges are ineligible to enter the prize.

Absolutely. Not only may they enter, they are wholeheartedly encouraged to!

  • Entrants who are 18 at the time of entries closing have the choice of choosing which competition they enter. 
  • If you choose to enter the main competition, you will not be eligible for the Next Gen prize.
  • If you choose to enter the Next Gen competition, you will not be eligible for the main competition prize.
  • You may also choose to enter both prizes, but you will need to pay both entry fees and fill in each respective entry form.

We are happy to say yes! Entrants who are 18 or under at the time entries close are eligible to enter the Next Gen Prize.

What can I enter?

All entries are eligible for the Lord Mayor’s Prize. Entrants will then have the option to further nominate themselves at the time of entry for other relevant categories.

All entrants are also eligible for the Courier-Mail People’s choice and the Packer’s Prize.

Absolutely. You may enter as many times as you like, however, each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form and payment.

No. As per our entry terms, you can not enter a portrait that has won another major prize. But if the work has been a finalist in another major competition, it can be entered.

Yes you may, however, we do encourage you to submit new works.

You must also adhere to other key rules including that the artwork was painted in the past 3 years and it must not have won first prize in any other major portraiture competition.

All artworks must have been completed within a 3 year period leading up to the closing date for entries set out in the Key Dates.
Unfortunately, anything older than 3 years is not eligible.

Yes! To be eligible for entry this year, all artists in the main competition will be required to have at least one in-person sitting with their subject!

If you are 18 or under and entering the Next Gen competition, you are not required to have a live sitting, however, we do encourage it.

No. Any 2 dimensional work is ok, including drawing, collage, and print making.

The digital category is restricted to still images that are wall-hangable; therefore, no videos as digital screens cannot be hung. Additionally, performance artworks are also restricted as they are not wall-hangable. 

Yes, if you feel this is the best representation of your subject that is absolutely okay.

Yes with some conditions:

  • You must have done a live sitting with the sitter
  • You must have had their permission to create the portrait before they passed away
  • The portrait must have been created in the past 3 years

Yes, you may include as many portraits as you like within your artwork.

Unfortunately not. Whilst we acknowledge that animals are an important part of our lives, all sitters must be human.

From 2024 entries which have been created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be accepted.

This could be using AI to assist with image composition or in any other part of the artistic process including image generation.

BPP continues to support individual human creative processes, and this will be highly valued, even in works using AI .

All artists who enter the prize will be asked to declare whether they have used AI or not in the creation of their image and if so, explain how the have leveraged the technology.

All entrants who have used AI will still be required to comply with all other entry terms including having a live sitting with their subject and having full copyright ownership of the image being submitted.

For any finalists who are selected and have used AI in their entry creation, we will include info on the didactic to promote transparency and foster a deeper understanding of the evolving intersection between traditional artistic techniques and emerging technologies.

What if I am a finalist?

Yes. All finalist didactics will feature the artist’s representing gallery name if the artist nominated a gallery at the time of entry.

No. All works are for exhibition only.

You are asked for a value of your artwork at the time of entry, but this is for insurance purposes only.

If someone reaches out to us and is interested in purchasing your work we will connect you directly.


No. This directly goes against our terms and conditions.

Yes. This will help us understand the extent to which you have used AI to edit your image.

Although many users are not aware of it, AI is fundamentally ingrained in phone capture and editing processes. If this is primarily how you have captured and edited your photo, we would love you to explain as much.

Maybe. AI is becoming so fundamentally ingrained in many of our daily processes that we may not even really think about it like that.

You might use Photoshop to work up the composition of a piece after taking photos with your sitter – and that may include some generative AI. 

If so, that great and definitely complies with our terms & conditions. However, we would love to hear about your process when you fill in your entry form.

In short, it can’t. All BPP entries must comply with all our terms and conditions including retention of copyright.

All entrants who have used AI in their creative process will be required to declare this on their entry form. This information will be made available to all judges who will take this into account accordingly when judging.

This one is a bit more complicated. Whilst it was discussed and considered, this year we felt it didn’t make sense to have a separate AI category. This is because many artists use tools that have AI built into their core operations as part of their practice and creation process.