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AI and the Brisbane Portrait Prize in 2024

A revised statement on using AI for entries into the 2024 BPP

The Brisbane Portrait Prize (BPP) is a contemporary portrait prize, focussed on celebrating Brisbane portrait artists and their sitters, while encouraging public engagement with the arts.

The Prize fulfils an important role in Brisbane’s cultural calendar, and as Brisbane’s star continues to rise as a city, celebrating the artists and the characters that make up our community is more important than ever.

The artist’s creativity and skill in creating the artwork will always be paramount, across all the BPP categories. 

In our annual review of the terms and conditions in December 2023, the BPP board made the considered decision to accept entries which may have been wholly or partially generated by AI. The artist was still required to retain copyright, effectively excluding the use of platforms like Midjourney or DALL-E.

In light of the response from our community over the last few weeks, the Board has reconsidered. 

Our view is that AI is a tool many artists use on a daily basis, be that with intent, or by using the many programs and platforms which have it built into their operations. As a prize which allows digital entries and artistic processes, it is impractical to have a blanket ban on the use of AI. 

However, taking feedback on board, while remaining true to our principles, we will be making two key changes to the entry process and terms.

  • Artworks generated wholly by AI will no longer be accepted
  • We are expanding our transparency requirements for anyone who does use AI so that the judges understand the platforms, phrases and extent of the processes used to create the entry

Artists won’t be able to use generative platforms like Midjourney and DALL-E, which do not grant full copyright to artists. The Brisbane Portrait Prize has always valued the integrity of artist copyright. 

This has us in line with industry standards, and any further changes will be considered during our annual review of terms at the end of the year.

The Brisbane Portrait Prize has an exciting year ahead.  We are here to foster, support, and uplift our local artistic community.


No. This directly goes against our terms and conditions.

Yes. This will help us understand the extent to which you have used AI to edit your image.

Although many users are not aware of it, AI is fundamentally ingrained in phone capture and editing processes. If this is primarily how you have captured and edited your photo, we would love you to explain as much.

Maybe. AI is becoming so fundamentally ingrained in many of our daily processes that we may not even really think about it like that.

You might use Photoshop to work up the composition of a piece after taking photos with your sitter – and that may include some generative AI. 

If so, that great and definitely complies with our terms & conditions. However, we would love to hear about your process when you fill in your entry form.

In short, it can’t. All BPP entries must comply with all our terms and conditions including retention of copyright.

All entrants who have used AI in their creative process will be required to declare this on their entry form. This information will be made available to all judges who will take this into account accordingly when judging.

This one is a bit more complicated. Whilst it was discussed and considered, this year we felt it didn’t make sense to have a separate AI category. This is because many artists use tools that have AI built into their core operations as part of their practice and creation process.