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Two-Faced by Jessica Smart


Jessica Smart

About the work

‘Two-faced’ is a self-portrait created using a combination of acrylic paint and coloured pencil. It represents how I unconsciously alter my personality depending on the people around me. I was diagnosed with ASD in Grade 6 and have always struggled with interacting with others, especially when it comes to meeting new people or making friends. I tend to find it hard to articulate my feelings or ideas through verbal conversations, leading me to feel that I can never fully express my true self and can only show small sides at once. This is the concept I wanted to convey through the two mask-like faces turned away from each other in the painting, one with a positive expression and the other concerned. I used a colour palette mainly consisting of dark purples, blues, and greens as they are unnatural colours to paint skin in and give the piece a surreal and disconnected feel.

‘Radiance’ is meant to convey the beauty of a child’s life and how they grow up so quickly with bountiful emotions along the way. The mood is designed to remind the audience to look into the eyes of their children and see their colourful persona the way I have envisioned it. Children see the world as a colourful ball of life. This artwork is for adults and teenagers who may have forgotten to see the beauty within themselves.