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Sunswept: Eternal Embrace by Tianzheng Dang

Sunswept: Eternal Embrace

Tianzheng Dang

About the work

In my artwork, a captivating tale unfolds at the intersection of friendship, identity, and a city that embraced me with open arms. A luminous Brisbane sun casts intriguing shadows on Oli as he stands outside the fence during lunchtime at Brisbane State High School.

The grid fence serves as a poignant metaphor. Just as it frames Oli in this moment, it represents the barriers we’ve overcome together, bridging cultural divides with ease. Oli’s hand grasping the fence signifies his strong connection to Brisbane, inviting viewers to glimpse our shared world.

In the background, the iconic 1 William Street building and the soaring Brisbane Skytower represent the city’s growth and our sense of belonging to Brisbane. The monochrome, with the grid fence softly losing focus, emphasise our harmonious blending with this captivating city.

Charcoal and pencil, like the diverse cityscape, blend harmoniously, echoing Brisbane’s artistic spirit and cultural fusion.

The play of light and shadow mimics life’s uncertainties and the joys we have experienced together. This portrait celebrates our growth and belonging nurtured by Brisbane’s embrace.