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“Saving Lives” No.2 by Noah-Merlin Cuda

"Saving Lives" No.2

Noah-Merlin Cuda

About the work

My name is Noah-Merlin Cuda. I am 9 years old and I’m from Far North Queensland. I love watching and playing rugby league and drawing portraits. Just like Dr. Peter Tesar, a renowned Cardiothoracic Surgeon, saved my Dad’s life by performing a successful heart transplant, so did Dr. Lindy Jeffree, a neurosurgeon at RBWH. Unfortunately, brain abscesses are a complication of the immunosuppression necessary to accept a transplanted organ. Associate Professor Dr. Lindy Jeffree operated on my Dad’s brain for four out of the five surgeries he had, saving his life each and every time. Thank you, Dr. Lindy, for ‘saving lives’—my Dad’s and many other Queenslanders—and inspiring me to continue my portraits.