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Reverie by Hina McGrath


Hina McGrath

About the work

Reverie (2023) is the title of my artwork. In the dictionary, ‘Reverie’ means a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream. I chose to name my artwork ‘Reverie’ because when I decided to set it in a classroom, all I could envision was the subject daydreaming and spacing out. My sitter is a classmate of mine named Eleanor Collins. Eleanor attends St. Thomas More College and is in Year 9. She and I were born in Brisbane and have lived here our whole lives. My artwork features my subject as the focal point, placed in the centre. I have used a balanced composition, with Eleanor as my primary subject and secondary subjects on either side to maintain equilibrium. To the left, there is a math poster, and to the right, there is a water bottle. I have employed a mix of both warm and cool colours, and I have also included some complementary splashes, such as the water bottle and the contrast between her hair and clothing.