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Paul Croker: A Timelsss Devotee by Hayden Pressley

Paul Croker: A Timeless Devotee

Hayden Pressley

About the work

Husband to late Zona Bladen (a “half cast” Aboriginal), Uncle to Jhon Liddle (Aboriginal great), and adoptee of Browny (“dog”) along with Cat – Paul Croker is a White man born in 1943 up amongst the mountains towering above Wellington NZ. Originally, Paul came across the waters to Australia in his late teens as a Boy Scout, where he separated from his Scout group to start his life as a surveyor.

Paul Croker is an exceptional human being not only via his personally tough story as a mid 20th century rural Australian surveyor, but also through his actions throughout the past 8 decades of his life where he helped regain his wife’s family’s custodian land ~ 6 hours south of Alice Springs.

This portrait painting in-captures Paul’s tough yet devoted life where in this painting we get to witness Paul enjoying sitting around the campfire on his family’s custodian land: a testimony to his and his family’s hard work.