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Nature’s Wonder by Mylo Huang

Nature's Wonder

Mylo Huang

About the work

Hi, my name is Mylo. I am a 13-year-old boy attending Grade 7, living in Brisbane. In this artwork, I depict myself immersed in a realm of natural splendor; the birds sing a symphony of beautiful songs. The trees tower over me like guardians, sheltering me from the world’s challenges. My artwork and I are connected to the beauty and wonder of the magnificent city of Brisbane. I spend most of my life in this breathtaking city, from the elegant skyscrapers to the tranquil green forests and natural parks beyond the bustling city. These natural spaces have always felt like home to me. Brisbane’s charming and lush forests never fail to remind me of the wonders of nature, as portrayed in my artwork. The unique birds we have in Brisbane play an enormous role in our ecosystem and are a part of the city’s beautiful natural landscape. My artwork and I both celebrate our connection to Brisbane and showcase the wonders of its nature.