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In Bloom by Neve Arnold

In Bloom

Neve Arnold

About the work

Alluring, fragrant, and givers of life, flowers nourish the soul. Through personal metaphors in my self-portrait ‘In Bloom’ (2023), I celebrate the pivotal women in my life. They’re each represented by flora that reflects their unique qualities and significance to me. The rose on my shoulder embodies my sister, a constant source of guidance and support. While she is positioned alongside me, on my shoulder, I look towards the flowers representing my Mum and Aunty, admiring their eternal bond. The Begonia symbolises my mother, whose boundless compassion and love have nurtured my growth, instilling in me empathy and understanding. The water lily represents my aunt, who embodied freedom and fun and taught me to find joy in every aspect of life. The purple lily is an adaptation of a tattoo she had. These remarkable Brisbane-born women surrounding me have nurtured my identity. They’re architects of the person I have become, and I draw on their presence as we all grow together. As I continue to bloom, Brisbane is my flower bed, weaving seamlessly into the tapestry of my identity.