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I See the Light by Isha Ohlmann

I See the Light

Isha Ohlmann

About the work

This is a self-portrait where I am standing tall and looking up towards the light. It represents the way I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my life. Even when I feel lost and down, I can always come back to my inner light. This artwork carries a message of never giving up. No matter what life throws your way, there are always better days to come.

I have been drawing ever since I was a young child and started attending art classes about four years ago, which have immensely improved my artistic skills. I continue to learn and grow as an artist every year. I have always loved creating portraits of people because it is the most beautiful thing to me to capture a person’s essence through my art and showcase their individual characteristics and features.

I love visiting Brisbane frequently with my family to attend art exhibitions and shows. I am always looking forward to my next holiday there and have a strong connection to Brisbane.