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Going against the grain by Anamika (Evan) Sharma

Going against the grain

Anamika (Evan) Sharma

About the work

I was born in Brisbane and attended several primary schools across the city. When I was five, I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, and primary school struggled to teach me. After attending four schools and repeating grade 4, I finally made it to high school. High school was the first time I was provided with the necessary support to get through an exam or complete an assignment. Scribes, readers, and assistive technology allowed me to not feel buried underground.

Then, I was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, which finally gave me words to understand why every day is draining. Now that I have these words and tools, I’ve gone from just wanting to pass Year 12 to wanting to excel. Even though things have become easier, I am still exhausted, and my energy is always low, especially in a year of chaos. However, I am pushing against the rocks that weigh me down. As I am getting closer to graduation, I am looking towards my future in the city and hoping that these rocks will become pebbles.