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Flourishing, Flourished by Shridisha Prem Anand

Flourishing, Flourished

Shridisha Prem Anand

About the work

The ethereal aroma of jasmine is woven into my golden future and my blooming present. My self-portrait, ‘Flourishing, Flourished’ (2023), is an exploration of my identity, in which I depict significant aspects of my life. Every day, I strive for brilliance and look forward to a future infused with passion and success. My drive has always been supported by my loved ones, who have influenced me to become who I am today. Gold symbolizes affluence and enlightenment; hence, the gold leaf halo encircling my face symbolizes my ambition.

Growing up in Brisbane, my Indian culture has always been celebrated in my household. A common custom is placing fresh jasmine in our hair to represent good fortune and love. My painting employs this personal metaphor to depict my meaningful connection to my heritage. Having learned valuable life skills, I value and enjoy my education. I wear my school uniform with pride, as learning forms an integral part of my identity. ‘Flourishing, Flourished’ communicates significant factors of my past and future while capturing my enthusiasm for life.