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Depending Upon a Distraction by Seth Green

Depending Upon a Distraction

Seth Green

About the work

In this depiction of myself, I am showcased as sedentary at my desk, fixated on the overbearingly bright screens surrounding me. Intending to display a safe space or escape from reality, the darkness surrounding me acts as a barrier between peace and perturbation. Cool tones and hues were used to strengthen the isolation being portrayed, juxtaposing warm, happy colours associated with social interaction. Acrylic paints on canvas were the chosen materials and medium for this piece.

Since my first year living and attending school in Brisbane, I have discovered that technology is essential in modern-day society, whether that be through social media, transportation, or simply listening to music on the bus. In this piece, ‘Depending Upon a Distraction,’ I intend to showcase two sides of our modern reinvention of the wheel. Fighting our ever-urgent urge to scroll on TikTok for hours contrasts with the computer screen placed in the centre of the painting with the word ‘focus’ repeating. From this realisation, a noteworthy question has emerged: Is technology helpful or a downfall in our lives?