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Beach breeze by Charlene Chen

Beach breeze

Charlene Chen

About the work

I painted a picture of my sister, Adeline, at the beach. We were born in Brisbane and lived in Cairns before returning to Brisbane, where the beach has become an integral part of our lives.

The breeze represents connections and growth, bringing people together with innocent whispers of joy and comfort. Adaptable like the breeze, Adeline mirrors its ability to adapt to life’s changes, such as moving from Cairns.

To convey serenity, I used lightness and tranquility in the painting, reflecting Adeline’s refreshing aura of freedom. Darker and dirtier tones symbolize the passage of time, representing the wear and tear of her experiences and the hardships she faced adapting to a new place.

A blue tint reflects our Taiwanese heritage, where blue signifies liberty, adding a sense of tranquility to the process of shaping something new.

Adeline digging in the sand metaphorically represents her search for meaning and purpose in life, akin to a shovel uncovering treasures. The painting captures her journey of growth and exploration amid life’s changes.