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Trevor Floyd Robinson – Walking in two worlds by Lewis Bin Doraho

Trevor Floyd Robinson - Walking in two worlds

Lewis Bin Doraho

About the artwork and sitter

The sitter for this piece is Lewis’s father Trevor Floyd Robinson.
Affectionately referred to as ‘pop,’ Lewis’s father is a Bidjara man from central west Queensland.

Lewis talks of the amazingly tough and challenging upbringing his father experienced, suffering from imposed dislocation, seperation, and regulation.

Not only did he survive, he went on to thrive, working as a professional, owning a business, and raising a family.

‘This piece speaks of strength, resilience, and success as he walked in two worlds with the odds stacked against him.’

‘My Pop. Our Patriarch.’

About the artist

Lewis James Bin Doraho is a Torres Strait islander man born and raised in Meanjin.

Lewis has been involved in portraiture for ten years, expressing his creativity through photography, taking in the world through his well-loved Nikon lens.

‘Photography has been a source of inspiration and connection, giving me a platform to share stories and advocate for important issues. It has allowed me to capture celebrations, indigenous arts, social justice, politics, and precious moments with my family.’

“Photography has been a source of inspiration and connection"