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Tradewind Annie by Kathy Sullivan

Tradewind Annie

Kathy Sullivan

About the artwork and sitter

Anne co-founded ‘The Silk Shed,’ Toowong, in 1989, a community art group which continues to thrive today.

Originally from Guernsey, she fled German occupation in 1937 at age 14, and with her family, set sail for Australia aboard an old oyster catching boat, the Reine D’Arvor, relying on the stars to help them navigate their way to their new home.

They dodged German warships, passed through the Panama Canal, crossed the Pacific Ocean, and the Galapagos islands before arriving safely in Sydney Harbour in 1939.

‘She is an inspiration to all.’

At 99, Anne is still curious about the world, recording her experiences using paint and photography every day.

About the artist

Kathy is the director of a boutique art school in The Gap and President of Art Space Toowong, formerly known as ‘The Silk Shed.’

Drawing inspiration from those around her, Kathy enjoys working across a variety disciplines, including watercolour, acrylic, oil , pastel and wire.

“When painting 'Tradewind Annie' I felt I had captured something after 12 hours, so I stopped."

Behind the scenes

I met Anne Collins in 2017. She immediately impacted my life.

Now, we meet once a week to create art. I am impressed with the free lines she draws, the freshness of her illustrations and the ability to add a light touch of colour in exactly the right place to balance a painting.

Everything interests her. She paints the shadows of the trees, the whirl of the currents in the Brisbane River, people, plants and still lifes.

I have created many studies of Anne.

When painting ‘Tradewind Annie’ I felt I had captured something after 12 hours, so I stopped.

Anne is an inspiration to me. She is a treasure and I love her.