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The Red Barons by Sangeeta Mahajan

The Red Barons

Sangeeta Mahajan

About the artwork and sitter

The ‘Red Barons’ are a group of eight successful professionals and ‘wine coinoisseurs’ who are linked together through the Brisbane Club.

They have been meeting socially at the Brisbane Club for the last twelve years. This portrait attempts to capture the ‘Red Barons’ and their spirit of friendship and affinity.

It aims to depict the the power, prestige, and confidence of these high-achievers, as well as the camaraderie, trust, and sense of belonging.

‘I have tried to reflect all of these elements in the artwork by using colour, light, mood, and props in a deliberate manner.’

About the artist

Sangeeta is a Brisbane based art photographer, specialising in painterly, fine art portraiture and conceptual, narrative photography.

‘I like to explore what lies beneath the human skin – the subtle, unspoken twists and the angst of the heart and mind- reflecting the nuances of each person’s reality, their relationships, and their inner self.’

“I like to explore what lies beneath the human skin "