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Emerging Artists Award: Omnicron by Elizabeth Reed


Elizabeth Reed

2023 Emerging Artists Award

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About the artwork and sitter

The piece, titled ‘Omnicron,’ features the artist and her partner Michael, enjoying a coffee in their family home in the middle of the pandemic.

This personal work captures a moment in a routine at a time when external regulation amplified the sanctuary of the home.

‘This moment was captured in the height of Omnicron. It was a strange time that created some beautiful family moments that made us appreciate the lifestyle we have in Brisbane. I am glad I was able to capture this memory.’

About the artist

Elizabeth Reed is an artist, and bank manager based in Teneriffe. She took up acrylic painting as a creative outlet. She wanted something that would accomodate her inner city living and lifestyle.

‘I love living in Brisbane. There is nothing better than an early river walk or dusk- run to bring the calm back to your day.’

Judge's Notes

Elizabeth Reed has captured a visual memory of a particular moment in time with confidence and boldness. The small scale of the work invites you to look more closely, and works to reinforce the closeness of the relationship depicted during the times of covid inspired lockdowns.

Anna Reynolds
Board Chair
Brisbane Portrait Prize

“I think the single silver lining from Covid was time with family."

Behind the scenes

Through Covid I realised I did not have a pass time to unwind. So I began painting for a few hours every weekend on my balcony and have ever since. 

I enjoy using acrylics because they are so vibrant and simple to use. This painting was particularly enjoyable to work on because it does remind me of a period when we spent a lot of time at the park, walking down to the shops and quality hours at home. 

I think the single silver lining from Covid was time with family. This image was captured one morning in the middle of Omnicron when social distancing was at its peak and we were all enjoying a morning coffee at home after a brief visit to Merthyr Village.