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Jenny the master of embroidery by Yumin Yang

Jenny the master of embroidery

Yumin Yang

About the artwork and sitter

Jenny Gao is a master embroidery artist. The costume she wears is her own embroidery, and the dragon and phoenix are also borrowed from Jenny’s work. Yumin has added different colour patches and cloud patterns, hoping to mimic the flowing visual effect of embroidery.

Jenny’s dream is to integrate traditional Chinese silk embroidery into modern Australian life. In 2015 she opened an embroidery school with a gallery in Sunnybank, Brisbane.

She frequently holds embroidery workshops, exhibitions, and live performances around Brisbane. Through her passion for embroidery and her drive to share her knowledge, Jenny has made an outstanding cultural contribution to the city.

About the artist

Yumin Yang is a retired CSIRO plant scientist who is now full-time artist living in Kenmore, Brisbane. She enjoys the Brisbane way of life and sees beauty everywhere, so she paints flowers, animals, landscapes, and especially portraits. Her work has been displayed in several galleries. She and her subject, Jenny Gao, are friends.

“Daniel loves the challenge of painting people"