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Hollows and Thorns (UnMasked) by Sharka Bosakova

Hollows and Thorns (UnMasked)

Sharka Bosakova

About the artwork and sitter

Megan Janet White is the co-founder of ‘Theatre of Thunder,’ a Brisbane based movement artist, drawing on Butoh Dance, Oki-do Yoga and contemporary pop-art fusion.

Megan’s work is described as a billowing massacre of the senses, existing in a state of poetic rupture and transmutation that conjures an immersive ‘body storm.’

The image is a frozen moment in unveiling journey, the ‘Hollows and Thorns (UnMasked),’ a capture during an intimate creative dialogue between two artists.

‘Questioning the masks we wear, we begin to touch the interior body; what is at the core.’

About the artist

Sharka Bosakova is a dynamic multimedia artist with over two decades of experience.

‘I believe objects – touch – body – experience and visual storytelling are able to transcend languages.’

Her work is primarily inspired by kinetic forms, where objects serve multiple functions and encourage viewers to respond and engage in physical actions, fostering individual creative expression.

“Underlying the project, titled 'Hollows and Thorns', is a desire to understand what we hide from and where we feel comfortable"

Behind the scenes

Underlying the project, titled ‘Hollows and Thorns’, is a desire to understand what we hide from and where we feel comfortable, surveying the patterns of flow occurring in the natural landscapes and in our own bodies, tracking energy flow.

Leaving our bodies behind, in search for ourselves.

The Door is not a Door
Inside is possible
Beyond Pleasure 
Beyond Fear
Be brave to stay helpless.