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Common Sense Aint that Common by Fiona Kennedy-Altoft

Common Sense Aint that Common

Fiona Kennedy-Altoft

About the artwork and sitter

The sitter of this piece is of Mariam Ella Arcila, a Fillipino writer, editor and arts worker, who studied at Griffith University.

The piece is inspired by Mariam’s rich heritage, featuring her wearing a Gucci T-shirt playfully over her head.

‘Her mischievous smirk captures the essence of the delightful complexities that emerge from the confluence of traditions in our multicultural society.’

Fiona met Miriam when she was just 15, in high school art class. ‘Recently I have returned from teaching Visual Arts in Hong Kong, my encounters with various cultures deepened my understanding of Mariam’s unique background.’

About the artist

Fiona is an established artist with solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, and regional Queensland galleries. She has been a finalist in and won, several local art prizes.
She grew up in Roma, and has worked as an art teacher.
‘Some people make an impact on your life as you pass through it everyday. Painting them is a form of making a new connection with them.’

“Painting them is a form of making a new connection with them."