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Passion by Ben Nguyen


Ben Nguyen

About the work

The artwork shows me posing with a football. In the artwork, the ball, although is not at the centre, is enlarged which draws attention and highlights my passion for the sport. The expression shows the subject’s confident, almost arrogant personality. Inspired by Thomas Golunski, the artwork was created using quick brushstrokes and different shades of colour to explore the impacts of shadow. The different shades and tones of colours created contrast between light and dark in the artwork. The contrast between light and dark however, gives the artwork balance and harmony. The tones of the colours also emphasise the shadow in the artwork, which creates a sense of depth. The artwork is inspired by Jessica Le Clerc by showing under colour through. The bright yellow under colour was allowed to show through in background, allowing the painting to pop. The addition of red outlines in some areas also helps allowing other colours to pop.