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Our Fate by Francis Lau

Our Fate

Francis Lau

About the work

Hi, Francis here!

As an aspiring artist raised in Brisbane, I’ve been exposed to the city’s alternative youth culture for a significant portion of my life. This subculture has been a part of my identity as I’ve matured, so it’s unfortunate to admit that there is a prevalent issue of underage substance abuse (namely of alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine). Within my artwork, I wanted to express my connection to the subculture and its concerning issues.

“Our Fate” is an acrylic self-portrait expressing the self-destruction which occurs due to underage substance abuse. The left-hand portrait’s oversaturated colours reference the hyper-pop aesthetics prevalent in alternative youth, overall representing the stimulating catharsis of engaging with the community. This is juxtaposed with the right-hand portrait, with its cloudy texture and monochromatic colour palette evoking agony, and further referencing the subculture’s history with abusing substances, such as nicotine. Overall, the artwork visualises the internal destruction which is caused from the external pleasure of participating in this substance abuse, warning audiences of how this prevails in Brisbane’s youth.