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Lux in Tenebris- Light in Darkness by Aisha Clark

Lux in Tenebris- Light in Darkness

Aisha Clark

About the work

Brissy provided a feast of creative exuberance with the European Masters exhibition at our beloved GOMA. It encouraged an illuminated journey into the world of Baroque Art and the chiaroscuro technique. Artists such as, Simon Vouet and Caravaggio painted grand, sensuous, and melodramatic tableaus framed with lavish ornamentation. Historically, the art world has idolised and admired women only for their feminine appeal. Considering this, many female artists have been erased from traditional art history. Using the same highly dramatic and emotive techniques but through a female lens, I painted a self-portrait. My artwork seeks to communicate the complexities of mood experienced through the feminist landscape. Additionally, I created my own gold ornamental frame. By manipulating the techniques of the Masters, I, like Baroque painter Caravaggio, invite the viewer to engage psychologically with my artwork using the strong contrasting tones to metaphorically force their eye out of the misogynistic darkness.