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Identity Crisis by Caitlyn Morse

Identity Crisis

Caitlyn Morse

About the work

‘Identity Crisis’ communicates an internal struggle with identity through an alternate exploration of memory. My personal identity and my experiences connected to growing up in Brisbane are conveyed on both an internal and external level. Outward perception of identity often cannot accommodate for the complexities and intricacies of the internal self. It is a common struggle to want one’s internalised ‘ideal’ self and one’s externally perceived self to align.

All undefined and abstract elements within and spilling from the frame are representative of one’s internal complexities not being able to fit within a single idea. This comments on society’s need for labels going directly against the complexities and intricacies of the human experience.

‘Self’ is conveyed separately from traditional rules of portraiture. In abstracting the audience’s view of the portrait with symbolic fragments connected to memory and emotion, the internal identity is placed at the forefront. I have utilised the physical and tactile nature of embroidery and stitching for audience interaction and connection with identity on a conceptual and internal level not commonly accessible.