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Epoch (Self-Reflection) by Rosie Hildebrand

Epoch (Self-Reflection)

Rosie Hildebrand

About the work

I was born and raised in Brisbane, and have lived in the same suburb all my life. I am deeply connected to my city and feel as if my upbringing here has formed a big part of my personality and who I am. My self-portrait, ‘Epoch (Self-Reflection)’ explores the ever-changing concept of self. It’s difficult to discern if or when a past version of yourself becomes a completely different person. The constant passage of time separates us from our past selves, and it can be difficult to think that you’re not who you used to want to be.

‘Epoch (Self-Reflection)’ illustrates the choice to let go of the judgements your past selves would make of you; for better or worse, through complacency or active choice. It also examines when or if a distinction can be made between a past self and the next epoch in your life. A thread of connection and time is held by a gallery of imperfect reflections; the present self releases the thread, and the past’s judgements.