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Autopsy by Anna Le


Anna Le

About the work

The self-portrait ‘Autopsy’ (2022) features the intentional inclusion of personal symbols to communicate my perspective on the conflicts of cultural identity. First and foremost, the incorporation of flora within this work is indicative of connection to culture. The gumnuts represent my Australian nationality, whilst the “Hoa Mai” represent my Vietnamese upbringing. Furthermore, a fracture effect is implemented, whereby my eye is cropped from the main subject and enlarged. Born and raised in Australia, I always felt comfortable with this aspect of my identity because of my familiarity with the language, culture and people. Particularly, Brisbane is comforting through the diversity of cultures, bustling city at night and art that embellishes city buildings. The gumnuts are painted on the main subject of the work to convey this idea. However, the “Hoa Mai” are separated by the fractured effect. I am not so confident with the Vietnamese language or culture, even though it is ingrained within me due to my parents’ ethnicity. There is a final conclusion to my dilemma, I embrace both cultures proudly, but recognise Australia as the one I best identify with.