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A Human’s Metamorphosis by Leah Duncan

A Human’s Metamorphosis

Leah Duncan

About the work

My artwork attempts to tangibly encapsulate the transitional experience of adolescence to adulthood. The title ‘A Human’s Metamorphosis’ is used to anthropomorphise this human experience through insectual imagery; comparing the transition of adulthood against an animal’s. I aim to instil a sense of solace, ensuring our wings have yet to grow. The artwork features an amalgamation of self-portraits clustered together to impose a sense of organic instability. The jarring imagery of multifarious emotive portraits being clustered together represents the pressure of teenagers balancing the societal inclination to compose themselves whilst bursting with indecipherable emotions. My internal struggle to obtain artistic individuality can further be observed by the division of my two primary medias, oil and acrylic paint. I aim to primarily communicate with a Brisbane audience, as my piece embodies the chaotic sense of artistic future within my home city illustrating that even within destruction, coherence can be found.