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UnMasked by Sharka Bosakova and Thomas Oliver


Sharka Bosakova and Thomas Oliver

About the artwork and sitter

This image is a part of a collaborative performance and exhibition, called Unmasked. Sharka Bosakova is examining the way masks are used.

“UnMasked creates a rich and engaging space which will stimulate self awareness, question norms and enhance our understanding of how masks define and outline our social engagement and embodied selfhood in the age of the #Selfie and COVID-19.”

This portrait features Golda Guido, wearing a piece of 3D jewellery created by Sharka. “The body construction protrudes, taking its shape on the surface, outside and beyond. Questioning the masks we wear, we begin to touch the interior body; what is at the core.”

About the artist

Sharka Bosakova studied Fashion, Design and Theatre in the Czech Republic, before moving to Australia. She creates objects “as a form of communication, a way to connect with other people, places and art forms.” She works collaboratively, in the space of photography, fashion and performance, design and object making.

Thomas Oliver is a photographic artist based in Meanjin. His portrait work investigates the connections between photographer, subject, and viewer–highlighting the experience of being and viewing.

“The body construction protrudes, taking its shape on the surface, outside and beyond.”

Behind the scenes

Each and every human being carries thorns within them. These thorns represent trauma, pain and prejudice. Some thorns we strike into ourselves, others are inserted, pushed and shaken by outside parties, be that individuals, groups or society in general. Some are created on purpose, others are sharpened unintentionally.

But we all have them, we all carry them and most notably, we all MASK them.

UnMasking_Turning what is objectively our darkness drenched in trauma and pain into something that becomes light, guided by hope and power.