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Time Flooding by Zoe Stuart

Time Flooding

Zoe Stuart

About the artwork and sitter

Zoe Stuart’s self portrait has her sitting in a typical Brisbane cane chair, watching as past and present flood events occur around her.

“Time Flooding, questions social constructions of linear biographical time. Influenced by the recent Brisbane floods, composite narrative imagery from domestic Brisbane houses and historical scenes of destruction are used to evoke a sense of non-linear time, one formative human experience stacked upon another, generation after generation co-existing all at once.

“Placed within the composition is a depiction of the artist herself, oblivious to the world flowing around her, detached from time as we know it.”

About the artist

Contemporary Brisbane-based Australian artist, Zoe Stuart explores time and memory in her intimate and narrative small-scale paintings. Stuart completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at QCA. In 2018, Stuart was awarded artistic excellence at the Creative Generation awards. She was a finalist in the 2021 Belau Portrait Prize, and the 2022 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Prize.

“Time Flooding, questions social constructions of linear biographical time.”