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The Baker’s Daughter by Rikki Fisher

The Baker's Daughter

Rikki Fisher

About the artwork and sitter

This finely executed character portrait shows Michelle Alethea Agioritis in a commanding position, dressed in her baking apron, and holding her rolling pin, exuding confidence and strength.

Michelle was born to an English mother and Greek father. Michelle inherited her father’s dark looks and olive skin. Her mother a homemaker taught Michele how to cook at age 10. On finishing high school Michelle went onto working in the family bakery while deciding on a career path. When the business was sold Michelle took on corporate positions which led to the world of construction, contracts and commerce.

In 2012 Michelle’s priorities changed after some serious health issues which led her to make a tree change moving to Northern NSW where she now lives a more relaxed lifestyle, baking, preserving and growing her own produce to sell at the local market.

About the artist

Rikki Fisher’s early work has focused on Australian bird life and African animals, but in 2016 after attending a workshop at the Florence Academy of Art, Rikki turned her attention to portraiture, using a limited palette in the tradition of the old Masters. She spent her working life in Brisbane and teaches at the Bienarte – Brisbane School of Art. She now lives in Northern NSW.

“Michelle has always had a passion for baking, but rediscovered this love after a health scare which made her revaluate her career choices."