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Catharsis by Olivia Dean-Jones


Olivia Dean-Jones

About the artwork and sitter

This is a moving and honest self portrait, which prompts wider consideration about self portraiture.

Olivia Dean-Jones says of the work: “As I position myself in front of the mirror to paint, the dreaded creases and bumps become a vast and scenic landscape. Through layers of brush strokes, peachy, soft flesh emerges, along with a new feeling. I find myself gazing upon the soft curves of this figure with adoration.”

Presenting a beautiful and real depiction, Olivia Dean-Jones is lovingly embracing and appreciating her curvy physique, more broadly rejecting stereotypical, idealised notions of womanhood.

She says: “She’s not me anymore. She’s something else. Something more.”

About the artist

Olivia Dean-Jones is a Brisbane born and based visual artist. Since graduating from the Queensland College of Art in 2014, her work has explored the human condition and bodily forms through portraiture and still life. She runs the Southside Art Market, which showcases some of Brisbanes best emerging artists and artisans, and is a frequent entrant in art prizes around the city, including the Brisbane Portrait Prize. She was recently awarded first prize in the RQAS Young Artist Award.

“She's not me anymore. She's something else. Something more."