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The Meaning of Me? by Helena Wade

The Meaning of Me?​

Helena Wade​

About the work

I have lived in Brisbane my entire life and it forms major part of my identity. In this self-portrait I portray what I consider to be my true self, doing the thing that I love most – making art. The calm exterior portrayed in the central figure of the painting, polished for the world, contrasts to the various faces surrounding the figure which show my inner emotions. Portrayed in my painting I have embraced the mess of creating art, the experimentation so crucial to my art making process, and incorporated the various mediums I use. Music lyrics drive my creative processes buzzing through my head as I paint and draw. Viewing myself in this way I find it inspiring generating further artistic endeavours.

The artwork was mainly created using acrylic paint, with Posca pens, water colour, and coloured pencils. All of the art supplies were bought in Brisbane.