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Next Gen Prize: The Climber by Grace Naveikata

The Climber​

Grace Naveikata​

2021 Next Gen Prize​

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About the work

The Climber is a digital self-portrait that communicates my personal growth, spiritually and culturally. As a young woman of Fijian background, the winding and growing progression of my artwork beside me, metaphorically symbolises my journey in the River City. Thirteen years ago, my family moved from Sydney to Brisbane to find better work and a more comfortable lifestyle. It hasn’t always been easy,… I feel I have had to carve out an identity, similar to the sediment that has shaped our beloved brown snake.

Judge's Notes

Grace’s work is a nuanced self portrait that articulates her passage through life and its grounding in her familial history and spiritual development. She has captured a sophisticated representation of her contemporary self through her considered approach to the media—constructing and layering elements of her journey, experience, and identity. 

There were a number of high quality entrants to the Next Gen Prize—I am honestly astounded by the talent of these young artists. We could only accept a small portion of the submissions. Every entrant deserves to be commended for their achievements and I truly hope they continue their visual arts pursuits in future.

Jenna Baldock
Next Gen Judge