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See me smile by Alyza Jeffery

See me smile​

Alyza Jeffery​

About the work

Dear Stranger,

Recently, I been feeling a little burnt out.

I think it’s universal – this feeling – because it seems that amidst everything happening right now (with grade 12 and the pandemic), it’s as draining as it is relatable.

I found comfort through the stroke of my brush, the colour of my palette, and the product of my work. The ability to apply paint as a vent for emotions that cannot be expressed in any other form, allowed me to explore my true colours for all to see.

My artwork is governed by a self-concept that uses myself as a vehicle of exploration as I try to identify a style I’m most comfortable with. Through the influence of Australian artist Ben Quilty’s practices, I found a fluidity in putting down paint to self-express my mentality in privacy.

No one will truly know how you feel until you show them.