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My hero by Oliver Davis

My hero​

Oliver Davis​

About the work

This is a portrait of my dad who is an actor. He was in an episode of ‘Harrow’ this year, a TV series filmed in Brisbane. It’s about a forensic pathologist who lives on the Brisbane River and solves mysteries – a kind of hero for the dead. So my dad’s character ‘died’ which was a bit weird to watch, but I love the show and how people all over the world get to see Brisbane.

I have contrasted my pencil drawing against mysterious silhouettes, alluding to the TV ‘mystery’ theme and to the roles my dad brings to life. There hasn’t been a lot of work for him since this pandemic started but he keeps being optimistic and funny.

I have lived in Brisbane since I was four and started high school this year. My family and my art teacher Michelle Bugler (Art Star Studios) are my big supporters.