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M.U.M. (My Ultimate Mentor) by Ji-Ah Lee

M.U.M. (My Ultimate Mentor)​

Ji-Ah Lee​

About the work

I am a Year 7 student at a public high school in Brisbane. I decided to be an artist when I was a kindergarten kid. I like oil painting on canvas because of the rich colour and the satisfying texture. My favourite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, and “The Starry Night” is my favourite artwork. I like the vivid colours and movement inside of the artwork.

This is a portrait of my mother, teaching on ZOOM in her study room, during the lockdown. She is a professor in the Korean program at UQ. Since my family moved to Brisbane in 2014, She has been working on the expansion of Korean language education, not only in Brisbane but also in Queensland. To me, she is not just a mum. She is my life-long mentor, because she always inspired me to become a better person and support my dream as an artist.