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Little Paws by Tillie Moyle

Little Paws​

Tillie Moyle​

About the work

I have been drawing since I was 6 years of age. I started out using charcoals and progressed to pastels as I became more detail focused.

My artwork depicts an amazing compassionate hero of Brisbane, Deb Knight has rescued over 10,000 cats since starting Little Paws Kitten Rescue back in 1989 when a lady dumped a little ginger kitten called Peanut in a café where Deb was having lunch. I volunteer at Little Paws Kitten Rescue on weekends, helping Deb with looking after rescue cats and kittens which need her help. There are so many different challenges which Deb takes in her stride.

We are currently trying to build a wheelchair for a kitten who only has three legs. Napoleon is the cat in the portrait with Deb, he was one of her favourite rescue cats but sadly he passed away not long after this portrait.