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Layla’s Land by Amaya Foley

Layla's Land​

Amaya Foley​

About the work

This artwork is layered over a depiction of a First Nations map of Australia. This map is not exact with fixed boundaries portraying the richness and diversity of culture.

The artwork represents the sitter’s connection to country, that her identity is deeply entwined and meshed with the lands now known as Australia. Her hair coils and interweaves with the lines of the map to represent an undividable and bonded relationship with country.

The sitter Layla, is a Waka Waka – Wulli Wulli woman who lives in Brisbane on Yuggera country. She is a good mate who teaches me. Layla protects and upholds culture through sharing knowledge, empowering change and truth telling.

The artist Amaya, was born and raised in Brisbane, on Yuggera Country. She is honoured to draw Layla as a torch bearer of our First Nations peoples’ connection to country on what always was and always will be Aboriginal land.