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Head Above Water by Leah Duncan

Head Above Water​

Leah Duncan​

About the work

My painting is a surreal self-portrait delving into my struggle of metaphorically drowning in a greed for success rather than self-fulfilment. Brisbane is the central place that has engrossed my life in the liberation of art. It became an integral role in my identity; both my artistic and creative spirit, as well as the busy and work obsessive nature of myself and city life. 

I depict myself through a grotesque manipulation of conventionally unattractive features, by over accentuating the folds and wrinkles in my own image; challenging the audience to question the blurred line between self-interpretation and reality. This is emphasised through the enormous canvas size, forcing the viewer into a claustrophobic entrapment of my mind. This unnerving imagery juxtaposes against the whimsical bubbles surrounding it. 

Painting the tragic narrative of becoming blind to passions that bring me love, in my overwhelming strive for perfection, ironically, highlighting all my imperfections.