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Fragments by Eliza Devilee


Eliza Devilee​

About the work

My name is Eliza Devilee and I am an enthusiastic visual art student at Mt St Michael’s College.
Our expectations, practices, connections and perceptions of safety within Brisbane seem to have been shattered and swept aside. This cropped self-portrait with still-life symbolically represents my mindset during the coronavirus pandemic. The tablecloth treatment symbolises my fears regarding the unknown and our collective uncertainty moving forward. The starch cloth surface gradually thins, revealing the preliminary graphite drawing beneath the acrylic paint and incomplete lace textures beyond the broken glass. Ambiguity is further evoked through the compositional cropping of the figure. Despite the implicit dangers, the right foregrounded hand is outstretched towards the glass fragments, representing our endurance throughout hardships out of duty and necessity. However, the motif of dual objects, including apples, napkins and drinking glasses, communicates my continued feelings of comfort and support attained through moments of togetherness.