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A bath in the sink by Lachlan Elliott

A bath in the sink​

Lachlan Elliott​

About the work

In the making of this piece, I really tried to enhance the depth and contrast of the tones and values as the light shone through the glass behind, onto my head.

‘A bath in the sink’ portrays myself, in a sink, having a bath. It is something every Australian has done when they were little. It was a regular Sunday arvo, with the snags on the barbie, and my siblings having fun in the backyard, while my parents give me a bath in the sink before dinner.

As I reminisce on this time, I remember the pure joy that the little moments in life (like this) gave me. Splashing around in the sink with a rubber ducky would have filled me with happiness. My smiling eyes symbolise Brisbane’s friendly and welcoming people. It is a small smile and a “G’day mate” that makes people from Australia, Aussies.