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Tim Page: A Life in Pictures. by Joanne Brooker

Tim Page: A Life in Pictures.

Joanne Brooker

About the artwork and sitter

Tim Page is one of the words greatest photojournalists, capturing some of the most dramatic moments in conflicts over the last 50 years. These included the Vietnam War, the coup in Laos and the Arab-Israeli Six Day War. He slowed down only after surviving horrific injuries from a landmine in 1969. He has also worked for Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy and many other International news magazines. Tim became an advocate for US veterans of the Vietnam war.

This artwork uses symbols to reference different elements of Page’s eclectic and edgy professional life, elements of which inspired the Dennis Hopper character in Apocalypse Now.

Tim now lives in Brisbane, and is adjunct Professor at Griffith University.

About the artist

Joanne Brooker is a professional illustrator and art tutor, who worked as editorial artist under the name Applegate from 1992 to 2000. She has won numerous awards for her newspaper and book illustrations. After freelancing overseas she is now home in Brisbane creating artwork that reflects her own personality.

“This artwork uses symbols to reference different elements of Page's eclectic and edgy professional life”