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“Reflections”… of a Grandmother during lockdown…2020 by Cathy Bevis

"Reflections"... of a Grandmother during lockdown... 2020

Cathy Bevis

About the artwork and sitter

This is a reflective self portrait of a grandmother, contemplating family, anxiety and hope in suburban lockdown.

She is looking into and through the glass which separates her from the beloved grandchildren and allows her to reflect.

“So close and so far. The maternal instinct endured, perhaps even deepened by the uncertainty Brisbane, Queensland and our Covid 19 world we were engulfed in. Unable to comfort them or to be comforted by them.

But we are the lucky ones. The bins are out and will be collected tomorrow. Our collective spirits and hopes see us through.”

About the artist

As an art teacher, Cathy Bevis has a lifelong love of art. She has continued studying, exploring pencils, paint, printing processes and collage, combining them all into mixed media works. In recent years she has used digital art to continue to experiment with different creative artistic techniques for both digital and hard copy creations.

“This is a reflective self portrait of a grandmother, contemplating the thoughts, anxieties and hopes of a Brisbane grandmother in suburban lockdown.”