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Aunty Moi Moi (the Matriarch) by J Valenzuela Didi

Aunty Moi Moi (the Matriarch)

J Valenzuela Didi

About the artwork and sitter

The subject of this work is the artist’s grandmother, Mary Agnes Chin. Aunty Moi Moi, as she is known, is Kadazan Malaysian and immigrated to Australia in the nineteen-eighties. She is the matriarch of the family spanning four generations. She has lived in Brisbane since coming to Australia and has formed strong connections throughout the area.

“Although short in stature and now almost 92 years old, my grandmother has a mighty and commanding presence. In this portrait, I wanted to capture Aunty Moi Moi’s strength, wisdom, and compassion.”

About the artist

J Valenzuela Didi uses urban spaces and metropolitan landscapes to explore the transience of life. His works portray the detached sense of unease, impermanence and isolation that inhabits modern life. He has been a prize winner or finalist in several art prizes and is represented by galleries in Brisbane, Sydney and Palm Springs.

“In this portrait, I wanted to capture Aunty Moi Moi's strength, wisdom, and compassion.”