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Ruby and Marmalade by Amaya Foley

Ruby and Marmalade​

Amaya Foley​

About the work

Amaya Foley is a 14 year old, emerging artist who was born and bred in Brisbane.  She is completely self taught and has enjoyed art from a very early age.  As a person with dyslexia who has struggled at times with school, art has been an outlet and strength.

Ruby is a friend who lives in a leafy suburb of Brisbane. Marmalade is Ruby’s favourite chicken and brings her peace and courage in a world that sometimes causes her anxiety. 

Ruby experiences the world differently to many people because she has ASD. This is what helps her to be so attuned to her chickens. I chose to paint Ruby because she is my friend and because she is brave every day.

This painting depicts Ruby in her happiest place, in her garden with Marmalade as her ‘true self’.