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Ray by Lily Rose Hobbs


Lily Rose Hobbs​

About the work

I am Lily. I was born and live in Beautiful Brisbane. My art journey started from a young age, drawing was my passion until I discovered painting. 

I won the 2019 Senior Champion art award at the Samford Art Show. I was also short-listed in the 2019 Young Archi Award. I have been lucky to meet Ray Coffey and become his youngest pupil. He has introduced me to new mediums, charcoals and oils. My art journey is far from over. 

Ray Coffey my subject is a Brisbane based fine artist. He immigrated from England to become a Brisbane based Artist and art teacher. He has inspired countless up and coming and established artists. He has become an asset to the Brisbane Art Community. 

My painting represents him as a Ray of hope during our dark journey in Covid lockdown.